I am a digital communications & CRM specialist with passion and humour.

I am a mighty knight!

“Ah, not in knowledge is happiness, but in the acquisition of knowledge! In forever knowing, we are forever blessed; but to know all, were the curse of a fiend.”

- Edgar Allan Poe

In short

Consultant // Interim Management // Associate Lecturer // loves digital life // true nerd // radiohost // found his rest in books, movies, heavy metal and all the other great stuff!

I am a mighty knight!

“Some call me a 'marketer' but I feel that title is dated, incomplete, and exceptionally poor. I'm not even sure what it means anyway.”

- Me


I offer and execute ideas within the context of all digital marketing and CRM needs of a company.

I love to start digital transformation processes in any kind of branches and see the results of the successful implementation of new practical technologies.

I am a mighty knight!

“I love what I do, the people I get to work with, and the things that I create.”

- Me

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